At the beginning of foreign trade enterprises to independent brand tastes sweet

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According to understand, to broaden the market share, in the Canton fair, jiangmen many enterprises through the research and development of new products, create own brand, pay attention to innovation of product design, constantly guide market consumption, improve the effect of the exhibition.
Build its brand not only is the enterprise long-term development path, and also can help enterprises in the existing market competition to occupy "price competition" advantage, get higher profits than traditional product, branded products. However, foreign trade companies tend to "stick a card" from scratch, uprooted is unrealistic, therefore, companies adhere to the "branded" and "independent brand" two-step. One of the enterprises in guangdong jiangmen city wei auspicious sanitary ware industrial co., LTD. Relevant controller introduces, in order to improve the profit margins, insist on the original production line for old customer OEM, the company also added a production line for research and development production of high-end products, to build their own brands. The company independent research and development of stainless steel faucet is in the leading position in the industry, offer a third higher than traditional faucets, greatly improving the profit space.