"Made in jiangmen" all out Canton fair

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On April 15, the 115th China import and export commodities fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton fair") opened in guangzhou pazhou exhibition hall. Jiangmen, a total of 248 enterprises, located in the 34 exhibition, exhibition products are mainly for home appliances electronic, metal building materials sanitary ware, motorcycle, kitchen utensils, household items, bathroom supplies, etc. Made according to understand, to be launched "jiangmen" brand, promote jiangmen city and industry recognition, jiangmen foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau carried out during the Canton fair "four one" comprehensive propaganda.
Trend: the foreign procurement would like to increase
It is understood that the Canton fair exhibitors is given priority to with production enterprises, jiangmen number flat with previous years, the new one. Among them, the motorcycle, plumbing sanitary ware, kitchen and household products industry enterprises. It is reported that this year Canton fair there are signs of export market, according to most exhibitors reflected, jiangmen city many exporters expected this year will be better than last year. Many companies say, although this year 1, 2 month order situation is not optimistic, but since march, not only customers inquiries increased, and old customers to order frequency is accelerated.
At the scene of the Canton fair, traffic increased, compared with previous and foreign procurement to enhance. "This year, traffic is not many, but the guest has come really sit down and understand the product more", the baolai plastic products co., LTD., vice manager Liang Jinhao said, according to past experience, customers in the Canton fair directly order less, but by Canton fair contact with new and old customers, basic can know customer's intention or even the next step.
For many enterprises, Canton fair as a platform for the communication of "communication" is greater than the effect of "trading platforms", it is mainly for enterprises and foreign buyers to build a platform of "communication", strengthen the interaction between the two sides. "For the motorcycle industry, the possibility of order at the scene of the Canton fair is very small, usually by the two sides of communication for a long time, customers in the full understanding of the function of the product and market potential, is likely to order", daye motorcycle technology co., LTD., the relevant person in charge of to participate in this exhibition, according to some old customers will ask how the last order, may be interested in down months continue to place orders, and new clients, even if communication for more than six months, also may not be able to sign a bill. "But the exhibition will be in touch with old customer relationship, can also develop potential new customers, kill two birds with one stone."
According to daye motor technology co., LTD., now to the demands of the motorcycle market traditional models tend to be more saturated, in order to guide consumption, design of research and development of the company for more than ten models suitable for the target market of new products, to attract customers to purchase. The company "decepticon" popular display products, its appearance is fashion, is more comfortable, high-grade and preferential, sales in Africa and Egypt are all good now.
Government: a platform for long steady growth
At the scene of the Canton fair, in order to better promote the company's image and products, many enterprises to "pack" of your booth, please design company specialized design unique booth image to attract attention. In addition, in order to better help jiangmen enterprise "spin" in the Canton fair, jiangmen bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation in many ways also help enterprises "to pay", "steady growth".
In recent years, the transformation and upgrading of jiangmen have won national and provincial demonstration base 5, to enhance the awareness of demonstration base, promote industry base, jiangmen bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation at the Canton fair central platform reserved four campaigns, respectively for the investment environment of jiangmen, motorcycle base, base for plumbing sanitary ware and stainless steel products, such as propaganda, with "good motor, jiangmen", "buy leading to shuikou" and "made in jiangmen" as the theme to deduce, take the initiative to guide customers to purchase products jiangmen. This to a certain extent, can be "brand promoting industrial area, helping enterprises to seize orders".
And by other companies and what help? Made to continue to deepen "jiangmen" brand in the domestic and foreign merchants, "made in jiangmen" international awareness. Jiangmen city foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau powerful platform to continue to use this session of Canton fair, during the Canton fair to carry out the "four one" all-round publicity: one is to help enterprise unified booking Canton fair footbridge nearly 80 light box advertising, enterprise products and made "jiangmen" harmonious image of products and regional brand bundles of propaganda; 2 it is to "made in jiangmen" logo unified image to continue in the Canton fair catalogue, the exhibitor list ", "guide manual", "international business" and "light industry chamber of commerce 'publication" and other media to promote jiangmen "made in jiangmen" brand; Three is "made in jiangmen" logo to big advertising platform in the gymnasium show symmetrical position; Four is put in jiangmen each exhibitors booth with "made in jiangmen" KT board, aluminum frame, ratten and booth hang curtain, etc., to form four one of the three-dimensional propaganda position.
Enterprise: to build own brand more competitive
New products has become a lot of enterprises in the fair competition "rob customers, orders" important way, however, behind the new product research and development, to promote the competitiveness of the enterprise itself, in the long run to build their own brands will be the future path of enterprises bigger and stronger. In the face of an increasingly competitive import and export of foreign trade, many enterprises have begun to realize the importance of independent brands, also began to slowly groping.
One of enterprises of guangdong chief introduction of the auspicious sanitary ware industrial co., LTD., in order to improve the profit margins, in addition to the original production line for old customer OEM, also added a production line for research and development production of high-end products, to build their own brands. The company independent research and development of stainless steel faucet is in the leading position in the industry, offer a third higher than traditional faucets, greatly improving the profit space. In addition, the jiangmen bao tian company motorcycle brand has a minor celebrity in the African market, under the introduction of old customers, constantly have new customers purchasing area.
"No reserve enterprise of new products is not dynamic, there are new products are on display enterprise can let the customer see the vitality of enterprises, will continue to place an order." Tan Jinhao said that this year with four or five just developed new products, more popular, the scene for your order, some old customers also interested. "Old customers is our loyal fans, one of the ways in which new products also maintain old customers." Tan Jinhao said.
The exhibition related negative daye motor technology co., LTD