The installation of a single basin fauce

In the process of do a family to decorate, if ready to use single hand basin faucet, must pay attention to nozzle diameter, nowadays most of the leading act the role of surface belongs to hard tube into the water, so at the time of installation single-arch basin faucet will need to reserve on the height of nozzle, the distance from the basin down 35 cm is the appropriate standard. Install puckering in the process of basin faucet, must want to buy special Angle valve, Angle valve requires and wall of hot and cold water pipes. If found the Angle valve and tap on the pipe between the distance, equipped with special extension tube to connect. Must pay attention to, if choose other water pipe to connect in easy leaking pipes of loss when water pressure, etc., and brings to the owners or tenants unnecessary loss and trouble. Was elected with the inlet pipe length exceeds the outlet pipe, can according to the actual situation need to take over part of the improper Angle can also be used in accordance with the habit to adjust to the appropriate location. It is important to note, but don't hard to bend to 90 degrees or greater than 90 degrees. Install the basin that wash a face to water, be sure to remember the bibcock of choose and buy small interface sub (tap). Remember to flush the buried beforehand before installing small interface in the wall of the pipe.




The installation of the shower, bath crock bibcock (hanging wall)

In buying after the shower, bath, hang a wall to tap, choose the right need to determine the height buried outlet pipe. Cold and hot water pipe spacing must conform to the standard of 15 cm. Need to rinse conduit beforehand before installation faucet, otherwise easily lead to water quality, cause the damage of the faucet.

Dark outfit shower, bath crock bibcock: matching dark outfit bibcock, usually put the head of valve core is embedded inside the wall. Before doing the work of the embedded never neglected the toilet wall thickness. Is too thin wall will cause to embed the situation of the valve core. Embedded valve core of a plastic cover need to place a long time, can not be protection valve core embedded in concrete and other debris to damage. Also it is important to note when embedded valve core also cannot ignore the direction of the valve disc up and down, left and right sides, otherwise easy to cause the wrong valve core. If the wall leading embedded inlet pipe size deviation, adjust the kidnaper available may be used for the school.


The installation of thermostatic faucet

Before install thermostatic faucet, need to check a drain in advance whether left hot right cold, cold and hot water pipe must be pairing, otherwise tap will not work properly. Due to low water pressure, gas, solar water heaters are not equipped with constant temperature faucet. Install thermostatic faucet filter must remember installing cold and hot bath water.


The installation of a single kitchen faucet

Because kitchen faucet can often be used, install puckering kitchen faucet to solid, if you are often move, is easy to cause loose, so you have to twist lock nut. Some leading in the market now for enlarging the nut screw pipe is fixed, the solid effect is very good, if we can solve the problem of water to lift, is a popular trend in the future.