After service


Guangdong WIDE Sanitary Ware Co., LTD.

Service commitment:

(1) the procedure and operation procedures in strict accordance with the maintenance, to ensure the quality of maintenance.

(2) strict quality accessories, put an end to the use of counterfeit parts and scrap parts.

Someone is on duty

(3) service hotline 24 hours to respond within 24 hours. Repair shop and receptionist holidays do not rest, ensure users increases with the increasing to repair; Establish the maintenance system; Timely rescue team, may at any time on the scene to repair.

(4) the fees to strictly implement the municipal price bureau and maintenance fees, my company don't exaggerate fault, put an end to collect fees in disorder.
(5) the field remote fault judgment, technical solutions, the customer need delivery parts quickly to deal with. Customer to send we will urgent for your machine troubleshooting, makes every effort to complete maintenance on the day.
(6) by the center shall implement warranty, maintenance machine warranty period for 3 months, during the warranty period for maintenance or replacement parts quality problems, I center is responsible for the repair.
(7) establish a regular review system: the use of maintenance of machine of our company, and my company is beauty of the service quality of the solution, to the user satisfaction, build user satisfaction questionnaire survey.
(8) released our supervision telephone to customers, welcome customers and relevant departments of the supervision of our service.