Weiqiang Group was founded nearly 30 years, has always adhered to innovation as the fundamental driving force for the group's development, has developed into a collection of copper, bathroom, metal processing and other three major sectors of collaborative development, business across regions, cooperation across the borders of diversified enterprise groups. Weiqiang today, bearing nearly 30 years of hard work of the wind and rain course, bearing more than 1,500 employees of the entrepreneurial passion, bearing the concern and love of many sectors of society.


We will use the advanced concept, perfect system, fine management to promote the sustainable development of enterprises, the formation of a new system of independent operation, deep cultivation of Weiqiang Group two business units, to "ambitious industry evergreen" as a baseline, to build a Chinese enterprise with international advanced management level.

We also sincerely invite more domestic and foreign colleagues with strong strength and resources to become partners, committed to the long-term and stable development of enterprises, to create a new situation of win-win situation. Only the innovators come in, but the innovators are strong, but the innovators win. We are willing to use all the mind and strength, to provide customers with higher quality comprehensive services, for each strong man to build an ideal platform to realize their own value.

chairman:Rua Wei Guang